Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter

Northeast Region Charters First Chapter – Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter

On April 29, 2014, a group of National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA) Leadership Development Institute (LDI) graduates convened a meeting to connect and provide updates to their respective careers. A spirited discussion ensued as many reflected on their experiences and the impact of attending the LDI. As a result of the exchange, all of the attendees including Dr. Carolyn Anderson, former Interim President for Baltimore City Community College, unanimously concurred with the idea to keep the group intact and to investigate chartering a chapter of NCBAA-Northeast Region. The idea of forming a chapter was fully supported by the new College President, Dr. Gordon F. May.

Since the initial meeting, 15 scholars met to prepare the chapter proposal document for approval by the Northeast Region-NCBAA board of directors, to formulate a mission statement, and to elect the charter officers. The LDI graduates agreed on the name, “Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter (BMC)” of the NCBAA – Northeast Region. Many felt that it was important to have a chapter name that would reflect the group’s desire to solicit participation from professionals beyond BCCC’s campus.

Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter’s mission is to support the mission and values of the NCBAA with an emphasis towards promoting awareness and membership from the local geographic area. We are committed to serving as an extension of NCBAA”s regional and national efforts through mentorship, institutional succession planning, professional development, information sharing and partnerships.

The group elected Dr. Daphne Snowden (as the second President), Ms. Shayla Hunter  (Secretary), and Ms. Wendy Harris (Treasurer). To continue support for the Leadership Development Institute, the BMC’s first undertaking was to facilitate and recommend to the College President attendees for the 2014 LDI. Mr. Charles Wilson and Dr. Lesly Brown the group’s two newest members returned to BCCC appreciative and enlightened by the experience. BMC’s current 16 members include LDI attendees dating back to the 2003 Inaugural Class to present.

The Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter is looking forward to expanding awareness of NCBAA, as well as providing professional development and networking opportunities for area community college professionals.